Disposable 4 Layer Face Mask - Medical Grace

Golden Health Disposable 4-layer face mask suitable for home, occupational and recreational use. These comfortable fitting masks are securely held in place with 2 elastic ear straps and have a flexible insert that bends to the shape of your nose bridge. The 4 layers provide excellent filtration; the two outer layers are non-woven polypropylene and the two inner layer is melt blown non-woven fabric. Made to CE EN149:2001 + A1:2009 standards they'll filter out up to 94% of airborne respiratory particles, both solid particles and liquid droplets when correctly fitted in accordance with the supplied fitting instructions.

Made in Viet Nam.

FDA, CE Certificate.

50 Units/box – 50 boxes/ carton

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Washable 4 Layer Face Mask - Antibacterial

Washable 4-layer 100% cotton face mask, reusable up to 30 washes, adjustable strap, suitable  for home, occupational and recreational use. The 4 layers provide excellent filtration: 2 Nano-Antibacterial layers  and 2 Dust proof layers. UV blocker.

Made in Viet Nam.

6 Units/box – 60 boxes/ carton

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